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15 must watch DCP YouTube videos

As much as I love YouTube, I chose to make a blog for a few key reasons. With a blog you can quickly skim through information silently rather than having to listen to/watch  an entire 10-20 minute video (which made blogs perfect for when I didn’t feel like paying attention in class or when I was at work).

BUT, I also am a huge fan of laying in bed after school/work and watching hours upon hours of videos. If you’re anything like me, you may have already spent hours of your life watching YouTube videos in an attempt to see what DCP life is like. I have found some channels that I love, and I want to share that with you in hopes that you might love them as well.


 My top three:

I have been watching Bronwyn’s videos for close to a year now, and I love absolutely all of them. I do not think I have found a single video of hers that I did not enjoy.

Bronwyn has completed two programs already. One in photopass and an alumni program in merchandise. She has just started her third program (Fall 2019) as a fairy godmother in training.

Like I said, I honestly love all of her videos, but I found a few of my favorites to link below!


Emily is the first DCP YouTubers I started following, and I learned SO much from her videos. She participated in the Spring 2018 DCP and now currently works as a seasonal character performer.  I found Emily’s videos incredibly helpful for someone who doesn’t know very much about the DCP. If you’re just starting to look into applying for the program, she is the person to subscribe to!

Again, I’ve linked some of my favorite videos below, and I strongly recommend everyone applying to their first program watch these.

Sarabeth participated in the Fall 2017 (and extended into Spring 2018) Disney College Program. I chose Sarabeth because I LOVED her apartment tour. If you are in Patterson, 10/10 would recommend checking that video out. Even if you are not in Patterson (like me) you can get some inspiration for decorating your room or just be super jealous of how freaking cute their entire apartment was.

In addition to linking the apartment tour, I also included some other videos of hers that I enjoyed!

Honorable mention:

Because this content is just too good not to share.

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