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20 things you should know about Disney housing

  1. You get to submit your housing requests about three weeks before your arrival date.
  2. You probably won’t get to pick all of your roommates. Disney says you are allowed to link up with 0-3 people (meaning you will most likely be placed in an apartment with them). However, if space is limited that number will shrink. I was the second earliest arrival date for Fall 2019, and I was still only allowed to link with one person.
  3. You are not guaranteed to get your top pick for apartments. When filling out your housing request in DORMS, you get to rank your apartment preferences. However, like roommates, this is all based on availability. If your top pick isn’t available they will give you your second choice. If your first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth choices are not available they will give you your seventh choice.
  4. Your “rent” is deducted from your pay check every week.
  5. All apartments have secure lockers where you can safely keep anything valuable. Just bring your own lock.
  6. You can NOT have sleepovers (later than 2 am) in your apartment with anyone who is not in the program, not living in housing, and not living in your same complex. Visitors under 18 must leave by 7 pm and visitors over 18 must leave by 2 am.
  7. All visitors need an authorization form.
  8. It is possible to sneak prohibited items into your apartment and secretly keep them. However, property managers can enter your apartment at any time, without notice. They can inspect anything in the apartment, including the lockers. They can also take pictures of anything.
  9. You can NOT have alcohol in the common areas, even if you are 21.
  10. You can NOT have alcohol in your room if you are not 21. If you are 21, you can have it in your room but can NOT share it with anyone who is not 21.
  11. You can NOT have empty alcohol bottles as decorations.
  12. NO DRUGS. At all. Even CBD and tobacco.
  13. You can NOT operate a business from your apartment (ie Etsy shops).
  14. You can NOT  store a bike in your apartment.
  15. You can NOT have a drone or hover board in your apartment. You CAN have skateboards and roller blades stored in your apartment, but you can NOT ride them around inside the buildings.
  16. You can have groceries delivered to the complexes (Walmart grocery, instacart, etc).
  17. You packages can be delivered either to your front door or to the Disney Service Center.
  18. You can have take-out delivered to the complex. You just need to meet the delivery person outside the complex.
  19. Use the Crystal Rider app to get real time bus schedules so you know when the buses will arrive to your housing complex.
  20. You will get in trouble for bullying in housing. The following things are considered to be forms of bullying by housing: hazing; making derogatory or insulting remarks; intentional targeted isolation; serious or repeated verbal or physical conduct that could reasonably be considered threatening, intimidating, or humiliating; anything to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage or undermine any participant’s (including one’s own) program experience. SPREAD KINDNESS FOLKS.

~BONUS~ details on Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court, and The Commons

Vista Way- oldest, cheapest, bus hub, near Walgreens and several fast food restaurants, laundry is on the first floor of each complex

  • 2 bedroom, 4 person = $120
  • 3 bedroom, 6 person = $111

Chatham Square- 15 minute walk to Publix, buses stop in front of the clubhouse, laundry is in 4 out of the 30 buildings, hosts several housing events

  • 2 bedroom, 6 person (bunks) = $112
  • 1 bedroom, 3 person (bunks) = $124
  • 4 bedroom, 8 person = $125
  • 3 bedroom, 6 person = $131
  • 1 bedroom, 2 person = $146

Patterson Court – newest, have to walk to Chatham Square to get on a bus to work, laundry is in 4 out of the 16 buildings

  • 2 bedroom, 5 person (bunks) = $119
  • 1 bedroom, 3 person (bunks)= $124
  • 3 bedroom, 6 person = $131
  • 1 bedroom, 2 person = $196

The Commons- near an outlet mall, 15 minute walk to Publix, buses stop outside security (these buses do not always go to all the resorts, so if you work at a resort this might be a hassle), laundry is in each apartment

  • 2 bedroom, 5 person (bunks) = $121
  • 1 bedroom, 3 person (bunks) = $128
  • 4 bedroom, 8 person = $128
  • 3 bedroom, 6 person = $134
  • 2 bedroom, 4 person = $141
  • 1 bedroom, 2 person = $200
Example of a two person room.
Example of a three person room.

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