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DIY Disney

Going into my DCP, I wanted to show up prepared with plenty of Disney merchandise. However, I was also working on a DCP budget. I decided to make up for my lack of funds by crafting up a few items myself. In the end, I am pretty pleased to have a few unique items that won’t be seen in the parks anywhere else.

Vintage Mickey Overalls


  • Vintage overalls from Etsy (RebeccaVintageShop)
  • Two Mickey Mouse patches from Amazon
  • Needles and thread

To be completely honest, my sewing skills are subpar (and that’s putting it nicely). However, when I’m wearing it you really can not see the messy stitch work.

Custom Magic Band

This one is super simple, and super cheap (I just used leftover materials that I already had on hand!)


  • Magic band (the solid color bands come free when you stay at a Disney resort)
  • White paint from Target
  • Red paint from Target
  • Paintbrushes from the Dollar Tree

Custom Castle Paintings

These ended up being the ~PERFECT~ roommate gifts. Once again, all the materials I used were leftover from other projects. Therefore, I didn’t need to spend a penny!


  • 3 canvases from Amazon
  • Paint from Target
  • Paint brushes from the Dollar Tree
  • Mod podge from Hobby Lobby
  • Paper (mine was printed with a map design on it) from Hobby Lobby
  • Something to use as a stencil (I used foam from Walmart)
  • Scissors
To make this, I painted the canvases, made a foam stencil of the castle by looking at a google image, cut out the stencil and traced it onto the scrapbook paper, then glued the scrapbook paper onto the canvases.


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