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Dress to impress: Guide to business professional at Disney

As we all probably know by now, Disney does things differently. That is why even though most of us know what business professional clothes are in the “real world”, how to dress in business professional according to Disney standards is not as clear. In fact, one of the most asked DCP related questions is “Is this jump suit business professional?” or “Can I wear this to traditions?”

To start, let’s go over the times you should be dressing in business professional attire:

  •  Traditions
  • Welcome to Ops
  • Hospitality core (this is for anyone working in resorts, if you are at a park you will have something similar just with a different name)
  • Recreation core (this is for lifeguards and children’s activities cast members, if you are working in a different line of work you will have something similar just with a different name)
  • Location orientation (at Old Key West it was called our “Welcome Home”)
  • Education seminars

Let's break it all down:

Women's Shoes

I was always told that shoes should be closed toe. However, when I looked into the official Disney look book online, it does say that open toe and/or open heels are permitted (they just can not be sandals).  In my opinion on days like your traditions and your location orientation you are walking around outside, so you might want to keep your toes safe.

Cowboy boots and sneakers are a no go.

Another tip when it comes to shoes is wear something comfortable. Especially on the days of your traditions and location orientation. I saw so many girls at my traditions with raw and blistered backs of their heels from wearing uncomfortable shoes. If you are worried about that being a problem, it definitely does not hurt to put a band-aide on the back of each heel to save yourself from the agony of those annoying sores. Also, I know heels are super cute and all, but it really is not worth it.

When it comes to shoes, they are pretty lax. I wore all three of these COMFY options and no one said anything to me.

Women's Pants

Pants are pretty simple. By the time we reach college, I think we all have an understanding of what “dress pants” are. You know them when you feel them right?

Disney allows you to wear pixie pants. Disney also allows you to wear khaki or twill pants as long as they are pressed with a crease and look like they have been professionally laundered.

Leggings are not permitted.

I would not recommend wearing skinny jeans, especially denim ones. I have heard that some people allow colored or black skinny jeans, but others do not. I did see one girl wearing denim skinny jeans, and no one said anything. However, personally I wouldn’t take the risk.

Skirts and dresses

When it comes to skirts and dresses the most important thing is the length. This is something I have heard they are pretty strict on (even though once again I personally saw people not following this and not getting into trouble for it). But to be safe this is what you want to follow:

there should be <3 inches (7.6 centimeters) between the hemline of your skirt/dress and your knee cap

 slits can not go higher than 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) than your knee

Women's Tops

Tops are relatively simple, yet complicated at the same time. The main thing to keep in mind is to try and stay modest and professional. That means avoid showing too much skin on your shoulders and chest. I’m all for freeing the nipple, but Disney isn’t.

Your tops can be sleeveless, but the straps need to be >3 inches (7.6 centimeters) thick.

Personally, I avoided having to worry about the straps by adding a cardigan to most of my outfits. Cardigans and blazers are the key to preventing any Disney look violations.

Women's Jewelery

To be completely honest, I highly doubt anyone will ever yell at you about not following Disney look jewelry guidelines. The only thing they might notice is your watch. Just make sure your watch is a neutral color (black, white, brown, tan, gold, etc).

Here are the official Disney rules (straight from the Disney book) if anyone still wants to know them:

  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins and a business-style wristwatch are permitted.
  •  A pin, brooch or scarf clip in good business taste also is acceptable.
  • Watch bands must be black, white, brown, silver or gold tone and should have only minimal ornamentation.
  • Two necklaces and two bracelets in good business taste that coordinate with the outfit and each other are permitted. 
  • Ankle bracelets and toe rings are not permitted.
  • One earring in each ear is permitted. It must be a simple, matched set. Earrings may be clip-on, pierced, hoop or dangle, and they must be worn on the bottom of the earlobe. Earrings may extend up to two inches (approximately 5 cm) from the bottom of the earlobe.
  • Only one ring on each hand is permitted, with the exception of a wedding set. A ring may be worn on any finger.
Again, jewelry really is not that obvious so do not stress too much about it. For example, I wore two rings on one hand everyday and no one said anything to me about it.

Women's hair, nails, and makeup

If your hair is long, you’ll need to make sure it’s not covering your name tag. You either need to pull it back with a hair tie, or tuck it behind your back.

You can have braids, but they can not have beading in them. You can also have a weave, wig, or extensions as long as they look natural.

You can not have any part of your head shaved.

The color of your hair needs to look as if it could have grown out of your head like that. Even if it is dyed/highlighted, if it is a color that looks natural then it’s permitted.

You can wear make-up, and they are pretty lenient in regards to how much you wear. I’ve seen girls with winged eyeliner and a pound of highlighter. No one said anything to them. However, do not go too wild with it. It needs to look somewhat natural, so stick with browns, tans, and maybe a little pink or red lip. Stay away from rainbow colored eye-shadow and black lipstick.

The guidelines for nails is similar to makeup.They aren’t super strict on them as along as they aren’t crazy long, and painted a wild color. Stick with neutral colors like white, browns, tans,light pinks, etc.Try to keep the length at about 1/4 of an inch past your finger tip.

Men's shoes, shirts, and pants

Obviously, I am less knowledgeable about how men should dress for traditions. However, a little research into the guidelines told me everything I needed to know.

Shoes are super simple. You need dress shoes and socks. No sneakers or cowboy boots.

Similar to girls, pants need to be dress pants (you know them when you feel them right?). You can wear khakis or twill but they need to be pressed and creased. Stay away from denim. You can not wear shorts.

Tops need to be tucked in (unless it’s a sweater). Ties and/or suit jackets are optional. You can NOT wear a polo shirt or a golf shirt.

The rules for jewelry are the same as for the women. The only difference is that earrings are not permitted for the men.

Men hair/facial hair

Both hair and facial hair needs to look professional. Not like you just rolled out of bed and have not showered in four days.

Facial hair needs to be fully grown in. It can’t be just some stubble here and there. It can’t be patchy.

Hair needs to be symmetrical on both sides. It should end above the neck, and shouldn’t cover the ears or any part of your shirt collar.

You can have a shaved head, military haircut, and/or artificial hair.

You can have braids, but they still need to end above the neck and they can not have beads in them.

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