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Guide to the DCP Facebook pages

As many of you may already know, social media can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy. For the sake of everyone’s best interest, let’s all try to avoid option B. Okay? Cool.

There are several different DCP Facebook pages you can join. Some are more active than others. Some are open to all participants. Some are more exclusive (21+, role specific, housing specific, etc.). It is totally up to you how many you want to join, but be warned that your Facebook feed will get taken over by all things Disney if you join too many.

Here are some links to current DCP Facebook pages that you could join:

Personally, I think joining two groups is plenty. I joined one inclusive and highly active group, and one role specific group.

Below I’ve included some dos, some don’ts, some maybes, and some absolutelys (absolutelies?).




The golden rule when it comes to the DCP Facebook groups is: TAKE EVERYTHING WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. It can be helpful to get advice from your peers, especially if they have done a program already. However, things you find on the internet are not always reliable. If you have questions regarding Disney rules and policies, I do not recommend getting your answers from the Facebook groups. These could include questions about:

  • Anything related to Disney look
  • Any sort of questions related to Disney housing
  • Anything regarding check-in/casting/traditions
  • Anything regarding your new hire paperwork
  • “How many roommates am I allowed to link with?” (again ANYTHING related to housing)
  • “Can I get my location switched”
  • “Can I get an accommodation?” (medical/religious)
  • “Can I bring my therapy dog?”

These are all questions that get asked on the Facebook page quite often, and sometimes 10 different people respond with 10 different answers. That’s why it’s always better to either check the Disney website, or email Disney support. I have included links to these sites at the footer of this blog.


On a more positive note, I’ve made a list of things that the Facebook groups are great for:

  • Bucket list activity ideas
  • Recommendations for hair salons, barber shops, restaurants, churches, auto repair shops, tattoo parlors, etc.
  • Esty shop recommendations
  • Ideas on what to pack
  • Ideas on what not to pack
  • Finding someone to go to the parks with
  • Finding someone to go anywhere with (concerts, sporting events, beaches, etc)
  • Finding roommates
  • Funny memes
  • Magical moments


Let’s all agree to make more posts like this one.
This is the kind of thing I want in my Facebook feed.

You can do it, but it might get annoying

This list contains things that don’t quite belong on the “don’t post about this” list, but also don’t fit on a “this is a great thing to make a post about” list either.

  • “Here’s my (insert any form of social media). Drop yours below and I’ll follow back!”
  • “Does my hair conform to the Disney look?” / “Can you post pictures of your Disney approved hair in the comments?”
  • “How do I cover my tattoo?”
  • “Can I wear _____ to traditions?”
  • “What does the costume for ______ look like?”
  • “I’m selling my ______. Comment below if you want to buy anything.”

These are all examples of things that EVERYONE is posting/asking.

Are they bad things to post about? No. BUT, when 100 people are making new posts about the same things over and over, everyone’s Facebook feed gets bogged down with Instagram follow trains.

The best way to fix this problem is by utilizing the search tool within your Facebook group (if you can’t find it, refer to the pictures below).

You can use this tool to search key words. Any post containing that key word will then populate. So when you search “Instagram”, all of the “Here’s my Instagram. Drop yours below and I’ll follow back!” posts will populate. You can then just read/reply to that post rather than making a new one.

The search tool is also super helpful when trying to find roommates. You can type your arrival date in, and anyone with the same date that’s already posted a roommate survey will populate.


Finding the search tool on your phone.




Finding the search tool on your computer.





These ones may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t follow them.

  • Keep everything polite and professional
  • Maintain character integrity
  • Be politically correct
  • Respect others for their differences

When you’re using this Facebook group to find/make friends, it might be easy to forget that these people are also your coworkers. There is a chance that you will have to work with them everyday for the next several months. Don’t make rude comments to them. Don’t be disrespectful. Don’t start fights. Making an online enemy that ends up working next to you 40 hours a week is going to get pretty awkward.

If you see someone giving out false information, politely correct them without being rude or condescending.

Once you put something into the internet, you can’t take it back. If you are posting inappropriate/hateful content on Facebook, it could get reported to Disney and you may get termed.

If you see hateful comments, please report them to the administers of the Facebook group.

There is enough hate in this world. Let’s do our best to avoid adding anymore. Instead, let’s counteract the hate with some love, funny memes, and magical moments.

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