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Top 20 things you’ll kick yourself for forgetting to pack

There is way more than 20 things that you should pack for your program. However, in an attempt to keep things short and sweet (and on brand) I tried to think of the top 20 things that you absolutely can’t live without. Regardless of whether you are driving or flying, you will want to make room for these!

  1. Your passport (to prove you are eligible to work)
  2. Printed I-9 forms
  3. Your photo ID (yes your passport is technically a photo ID, but do you really want to drag your passport around with you every time you want to drink around the world in Epcot?)
  4. Vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and valid driver’s license (only if you’re bringing your car)
  5. Health insurance card
  6. Laptop
  7. Chargers (phone, computer, smart watch, etc)
  8. Mattress pad (do not wait until you get here to buy it, it’s going to be all sold out at the nearest stores because everyone else also waited until they got here to buy it)
  9. Mattress cover (these mattresses are NASTY people)
  10. Three business casual outfits (traditions, introductory classes, tour of your home park)…potentially bring more if you are planning on taking a Disney seminar
  11. Closed toed flats (to go with your business casual outfits)
  12. Comfy shoes for the parks (I recommend at least one pair of sneakers and one pair of comfy sandals)
  13. Cute shoes to wear when you’re not going to the parks (I recommend one black pair and one brown pair so you have something to match every outfit)
  14. Surge protector (so you can plug in all your chargers by your bed)
  15. Lunch box
  16. Kitchen supplies that housing does not give you (Tupperwear, baking sheet, strainer, large cooking spoons, spatulas, pizza pan, pizza cutter, toaster, blender, coffeemaker, etc)
  17. Reusable water bottle (save our planets peeps)
  18. Britta water filter (again, WE LOVE THE EARTH)
  19. Journal
  20. Things to make your apartment feel like home (pictures, artwork, etc)

If you want a more extensive packing list, I have included a link to a list of (literally) everything that I packed for my program.

NOTE: When you fill out your housing request (about three weeks before your arrival date) you can link with up to three people (this varies depending on availability, for my program I was able to link with one person). Once you link with them, there is a strong chance that you will be placed in an apartment with them. When you know who you are linked with (if you choose to link with anyone), I recommend creating a google doc. Use the google doc to figure out what items each person is bringing. This prevents people bringing duplicates of shared items. You don’t want to end up with three Keurigs in your kitchen.

~BONUS~ my top 3 favorite items I packed

Backpack Laundry Bag - Pebble Dot Coral - - Room Essentials™ @ Target
Monogrammed Mickey Lanyard ~ from Etsy
PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag - Zig Zag Tye Dye @ Target (you just pop this into the freezer overnight and your lunches will always stay cold)

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