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Top 20 ways to crush your phone interview

  1. Don’t worry about being nervous. Everyone is nervous, and the interviewer understands that.
  2. Don’t spend too much time rehearsing answers. You don’t want to sound like a robot who is just repeating a script.
  3. Don’t spend too little time preparing answers. You don’t want to seem like you don’t care enough to come prepared to an interview.
  4. Be extra. Extra happy, extra excited, EXTRA extra.
  5. SLOW down. This one was hard for me. The more nervous I am the faster I talk.
  6. If you can’t think of an answer right away, don’t freak out. It’s better to take ten seconds to think of a great answer than to go on a random tangent about the first thing that pops into your head.
  7. When you answer the phone, tell them it’s great to hear from them. Tell them you’ve been looking forward to this interview. Also, make sure to remember the name of the person interviewing you, so you can personally thank them.
  8. Treat every question as if it was an open ended question, even if it’s phrased as a yes or no question. Example: Do you mind working long hours outside in the hot Florida sun? (Do not simply say, “No I don’t mind.” Instead say, “No I don’t mind. I actually love being outside, and I have experience working outside.”)
  9. Look over the “Disney look” guidelines before your interview. You will get asked about them (do you have tattoos? Do you have piercings?) Everyone does.
  10. Know the four keys. These are the basics of how to be an excellent cast member. They are safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. Try to use these words in as many answers as possible.
  11. Know why you want to work for Disney.
  12. Know why you want to do the DCP specifically.
  13. Write down answers to the frequently asked questions and practice saying them out loud.
  14. Know what roles were your top picks on your application.
  15. Know how your experience that you listed on your application can help you in the jobs you want.
  16. Over sell yourself. Disney will train you in everything, so you don’t need to be an expert in anything. If you want photo pass, really hype up ANY experience you have. Even if you’re not an expert, make it sound like you’re super qualified.
  17. If they ask you about a skill area that you don’t feel confident in, be honest. Some people don’t feel comfortable being in safety critical roles such as attractions or life guarding. It’s important to be honest about that in your interview, otherwise there’s a good chance you could get placed in that role.
  18. If you want a specific role (such as character attendant) think of key skills or experience you have that you can toss into other answers even if they don’t specifically ask you about that role. Example: If you had a story of having to deal with unhappy guests in previous job, you can say that experience taught you skills that you could use as a character attendant when you have to close the lines and guests are upset about it.
  19. Prepare questions that you want to ask at the end. Here are some ideas: “Can you tell me more about the educational seminars we can take through the DCP?” “What sort of applicant are you typically looking for when selecting people for the DCP?” “What made you want to work for Disney?”
  20. This interview is less about how much Disney trivia you know, and more about how reliable and qualified you are as a worker. Just because you have Finding Nemo memorized does not mean you’re going to show up on time to work everyday. Think about what is more important to a business employer, and talk about those qualities that you have.


Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do you want to work for Disney?
  2. Describe a situation where you have had to work with a difficult person, boss, or teacher. 
  3. Do you mind working outside in the Florida heat and in the rain?
  4. Do you mind working mornings, evenings, overnight, weekends, and holidays?
  5. Do you prefer a fast paced or slow paced work environment?

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